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Cobia fishing remains very good. Sight fishing in open water, running the buoys, and setting up on a chum slick are all productive techniques right now. Last week's Chesapeake Bay Cobia Classic was won by the team of Anthony and Dawn Martin, Trent Graham, and Craig Freeman of Poquoson. Their winning fish weighed in at 65.8 pounds. Anglers sight fishing for cobia are running across some schools of big jack crevalle in the lower bay on out to around the Chesapeake Light Tower area.

Red drum continue to be caught in good numbers. Schools of big reds are being encountered by sight-anglers and they are being caught by chummers targeting cobia throughout the lower bay. Anglers targeting big reds are having good success on the shoals at the mouth of the bay and along the Eastern Shore seaside. Puppy drum are being caught in the shallows of the Mobjack Bay, in the York, Back, and James Rivers and up on Poquoson Flats. There have been a few really nice speckled trout caught up in the shallows also. A good sign for the future are the speckled trout fingerlings that have been showing up in minnow pots recently.

Big sheepshead are being caught at the CBBT along with some nice triggerfish and small to medium spadefish. Spadefish, triggerfish and some really nice sea bass can be found at most of the coastal wrecks. Some nice flounder are also being caught around the coastal wrecks. Flounder fishing is good at most of the normal flounder spots throughout the lower bay with the CBBT being the top location.

Spanish mackerel are being caught along the oceanfront and throughout the lower bay. You are likely to find a concentration of these fish trolling over around wrecks and along any tideline you find. There are some king mackerel showing along the oceanfront and over some of the inshore hills like the Hot Dog and Hambone.

Offshore, it is billfish time. The White Marlin Open was this past week. John Bayliss weighed in 78-pound white marlin that won him about 1.287 million dollars! The Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament is going on now. Next week is the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 and the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament. In addition to the marlin action, there are a few yellowfin and bigeye tuna being caught. There are good numbers of wahoo encounters and dolphin are showing up everywhere. One boat was looking for cobia along the CB Buoy Line this week. They found "hundreds" of dolphin. They were not ready for dolphin fishing but managed to catch them by cutting up their eels and using them as chunk baits.

Aug 10, Wes Blow fished for cobia catching three.

Aug 10, the Southalls fished the flats in the afternoon. They caught a bunch of nice puppy drum.

Aug 9, Brian Hogge fished the CBBT. They brought in a 4-man limit of flounder to 23 inches long.

Aug. 9, Stan Simmerman caught Spanish mackerel trolling near the 3rd and 4th islands of the CBBT.

Aug 9, we fished the triple 0s area. We got to watch some billfish caught. We went 0 for 3 or 4. We caught a couple dolphin and stopped and jigged up some sea bass on the way in.

Aug 7, I fished Poquoson Flats after work and caught some nice puppy drum.

Aug 6, Capt. Jorj Head, (757) 262-9004, went sight fishing for cobia. They caught 9 cobia with the largest weighing in at 55.5 pounds.

Aug 4, Capt. Jorj Head, (757) 262-9004, tried to go flounder fishing but he kept seeing cobia everywhere so they never made it to the flounder. They caught 14 cobia and pulled off several more. His son, Hayden, caught 5 of their fish casting a bucktail off of the bow. Hayden is fishing in the PSWSFA Don Forman Cobia Tournament that is running the month of August. He lost his largest fish but he did keep a 40 pounder to weigh in for the tournament.

Aug 4, Hunter Southall went cobia fishing for a couple of hours. He caught and released a 51-inch cobia and pulled off another. He came and picked me up at my dock when I got home from work. We ran over to Poquoson Flats and caught puppy drum until it got dark. The pups were in the 22 to 28 inch range.

Aug. 4, Larry Lusk ran a half-day offshore trip to the Fingers. They caught 3 nice gaffer dolphin.

Aug 3, we spent a rainy day offshore. We started at the weather buoy and caught some dolphin and false albacore. We moved on out to 50 fathoms and did circles for the rest of the day. Stan Simmerman caught a nice wahoo. We had a good number of marlin encounters with white marlin coming in on the big baits. Sometimes, we were successful on switching them off to the right stuff. Others were just too quick and would be briefly hooked up on a big bait. We caught 3 white marlin and a roundscale spearfish. We had Joe visiting from Kansas. Joe had never been offshore before and he caught the spearfish. I don't think that he thought that the guys were serious when they said he was going swimming.

Aug 2, Capt. Jorj Head fished the Cobia Cup. Like he did with the Hampton Creek Cobia Tournament, Jorj took first place. Their winning cobia weighed in at 60.9 pounds. It was one of 5 fish that they caught by chumming. Jorj won the Hampton Creek Tournament by chumming also.

Aug 2, Charles and Hunter Southall fished Poquoson Flats on a rainy day and caught puppy drum. Hunter has been doing well on those fish all summer as he is getting in as much fishing time as he can before he is off to university!

July 31, Ric Burnley fished the Triangle Wrecks. They were catching sea bass and flounder when a dolphin ate one of their jigs. They switched over to trolling gear and caught a number of gaffer dolphin and came in with an impressive box full of sea bass, flounder and dolphin.

July 30, Larry Lusk fished the Weather Buoy area. They caught some nice dolphin and went 0 for 2 on white marlin.

July 27, the PSWSFA Youth and Ladies Flounder and Croaker Tournament finished up. The winners: Youth Flounder: 1st - Hayden Head 5.9lb, 2nd - Spencer Elford 3.9lb, 3rd - Taylor Simmerman 3lb 2oz. Youth Croaker: 1st - Hayden Head 1lb 4oz, 2nd - Spencer Elford 1lb 2oz, 3rd - Madison Hunt 14oz (.875lb). Ladies Flounder: 1st - Amy Blow 4lb 4oz, 2nd - Ruth McCormick 2lb 2 oz. Ladies Croaker: 1st - Diana Greasley 1lb 7oz, 2nd - Ruth McCormick 1lb 4oz, 3rd - Wendy Elford 1lb.

July 27, Charles and Hunter Southall fished the flats catching puppy drum to 26.5 inches long.

July 26, The Tuna Tracker fished out of Hatteras. They caught some nice wahoo and dolphin. They also go a good view of a waterspout.

July 26, Ruta Vaskys and Martin Freed did some wreck fishing. They caught some nice triggerfish, about 20 flounder to 24 inches long, and some nice sea bass.

July 26, We ran to the Triple 0s where the fleet was catching billfish. We never got a shot and only managed to catch a couple dolphin.

July 26, Brian Hogge fished the Wallace's Bait and Tackle Flounder Frenzy. He won it with a 22.15 pound, 3-fish stringer with the largest fish weighing 8.15 pounds.

July 26, Capt. Jorj Head was sight fishing for cobia when they came across a school of jack crevalle. A topwater plug resulted in a 47-inch fish.

July 25, Capt. JT Hale fished inshore out of Hatteras. They tried for puppy drum but found big ones. They caught 8 reds between 38 to 48 inches long.

July 25, Hunter Southall and Danny Forehand ran to the flats after work. They caught a a couple of puppy drum and a speckled trout.

July 23, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys went clamming out of Quinby. They then gave the flounder a try but all of the croaker made that difficult. They did manage to catch some flounder whenever they could keep the croaker off of their hooks.

July 23, Wes Blow caught a couple of cobia to 46 pounds and then went and caught a few flounder to 4.5 pounds.

July 22, Hunter Southall went looking for cobia and caught a single fish.

July 21, Hunter Southall fished the CBBT for flounder. They caught 25 flounder, keeping 14.

July 20, Stan Simmerman and I fished for cobia with Charles Southall. We went back to where I had caught 9 the day before. We caught 6 cobia to 47 inches long.

July 20, Wes Blow chummed for cobia. He caught 4 to 61.5 pounds.

July 20, Capt. Jorj Head chummed for cobia in the morning. They caught 6 cobia to about 40 pounds and a 50-inch red drum. When the clouds cleared, they went sight-fishing and caught 2 more cobia.

July 20, David Freeman and Hunter Southall ran out to the flats after work. They caught puppy drum until they ran out of bait. They kept a limit and released a bunch more.

July 19, I fished the morning outgoing tide. I caught 9 cobia (one as I was clearing lines). Largest was 50 pounds.

July 19, Capt. Rick Wineman chummed for cobia at York Spit. They caught 6 cobia to 48 inches long.

July 19, Mike Hurst chummed for cobia. They caught 4 cobia to 48 inches long.

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