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Flounder fishing was excellent this week, especially at the CBBT where catches of limits were the norm. Some boats reported catching over 50 flounder in an outing. Other than the CBBT, flounder are being caught in the York River, off of Cape Charles, the Cell/buoy 42, Hampton Bar, Deadman's Hill, inside the seaside inlets and all of the other flounder spots but it is the CBBT where the best catches are being made. Sheepshead, spadefish and triggerfish are also being caught at the CBBT.

Spanish mackerel are being caught along the oceanfront and throughout the lower bay. While trolling for Spanish, keep a lookout for cruising cobia and schools of big red drum. Big red drum continue to be the occasional by-catch for anglers chumming for cobia. Puppy drum are available up in the shallows most everywhere with some great fishing on Poquoson Flats this week. Cobia fishing has been very good this year and remains so. Both chumming and sight-fishing (when conditions are good) are producing a lot of cobia.

Offshore catches are consisting mostly of billfish and dolphin. Yellowfin tuna will show for a few days and disappear again. Some wahoo are being caught and there is the possibility of a bigeye tuna but it is dolphin and white marlin that are being consistently good. If the tuna are not cooperating, dropping down to the bottom will produce good catches of tilefish in depths about 50 fathoms. Amberjack are available at the southern towers.

Club tournaments: The PSWSFA Triple Threat (Red Drum, Black Drum, Cobia) Tournament will end on July 31. The Don Forman Cobia Tournament will run the entire month of August. The free Youth and Ladies Croaker and Flounder Tournament will begin on July 12 and run through July 27 when there will be club picnic and awards ceremony at Dare Marina, 6 PM.

July 22, Hunter Southall went looking for cobia and caught a single fish.

July 21, Hunter Southall fished the CBBT for flounder. They caught 25 flounder, keeping 14.

July 20, Stan Simmerman and I fished for cobia with Charles Southall. We went back to where I had caught 9 the day before. We caught 6 cobia to 47 inches long.

July 20, Wes Blow chummed for cobia. He caught 4 to 61.5 pounds.

July 20, Capt. Jorj Head chummed for cobia in the morning. They caught 6 cobia to about 40 pounds and a 50-inch red drum. When the clouds cleared, they went sight-fishing and caught 2 more cobia.

July 20, David Freeman and Hunter Southall ran out to the flats after work. They caught puppy drum until they ran out of bait. They kept a limit and released a bunch more.

July 19, I fished the morning outgoing tide. I caught 9 cobia (one as I was clearing lines). Largest was 50 pounds.

July 19, Capt. Rick Wineman chummed for cobia at York Spit. They caught 6 cobia to 48 inches long.

July 19, Mike Hurst chummed for cobia. They caught 4 cobia to 48 inches long.

July 13, Larry Lusk did a half-day trip to the Fingers. They caught some nice dolphin. They lost a really big bull at boat side.

July 13, we went inshore wreck fishing. We ended up catching ten different species including tautog, triggerfish, spadefish, flounder, cobia, and sea bass. Steve Martin even had a nice dolphin hooked up for a while on his flounder rig. Jeff Dail caught a cobia on a spadefish rig.

July 13, Wes and Amy Blow went flounder fishing for the PSWSFA Youth and Ladies flounder and croaker tournament. They had a good day on the flounder.

July 12, Brent Meadors fished the Norfolk Canyon. They caught a 67-pound yellowfin tuna and some dolphin.

July 12, I ran over to the Eastern Shore under the Super Moon to give the tarpon a try. I got to see tarpon but what I caught was a lot of sharks.

July 11-13, Capt. Jorj Head, (757) 262-9004), said that the cobia fishing is good depending on the weather. They caught 13 in the past 2.5 days of fishing.

July 9, Wes Blow went chumming for cobia. They caught several up to 43 inches long. What they mostly caught were sharks.

July 6, we ran the "Healthy Grin" out to the Norfolk Canyon to catch some tuna. As was the case with our last tuna trip, we caught marlin. I did not hear of a single tuna being caught but there were plenty of marlin encounters. We saw 3 white marlin, hooking 2. The first pulled the hook after some impressive aerial acrobatics. We released the second at boatside. We also caught some small dolphin.

July 6, Brent Meadors fished offshore out of Rudee Inlet . In about 40 fathoms, they found a weed line holding some big dolphin. Chris Williams caught their largest. His fish weighed in at 45 pounds 8 ounces.

July 6, Wes Blow and Keith Blackburn chummed for cobia. They caught 20 cobia with the largest being 41 inches long. They also caught a big red drum and a whole bunch of sharks.

July 6, Rick Wineman fished the Norfolk Canyon. They missed some white marlin, caught a dolphin and broke off their one big fish of the day that they think was a mako.

July 2, Wes Blow chummed for cobia. He caught three cobia to 47 inches before the sharks ate all of his bait, sending him in early.

June 30, Capt. Jorj Head, (757) 262-9004, sight-fished for cobia. They caught 10 fish up to 58 pounds.

June 29, Wes Blow chummed for cobia in the afternoon, fishing the outgoing tide. He caught 12 cobia and broke another off right beside the boat. He missed a number of other fish, had a reel failure and a broken rod tip. As he was getting ready to leave, his last rod to clear takes off and he catches a big red drum.

June 29, Charles Southall trolled for Spanish mackerel along the Virginia Beach oceanfront. They caught a couple of Spanish which they brined for future marlin baits. They also caught a bunch of bluefish and the managed to catch a cobia that ate their Spanish mackerel spoon.

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