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When boats can get offshore, fishing has been pretty good. Out of Virginia, the wahoo bite is good and there are some yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, king mackerel and dolphin being caught. Out of Oregon Inlet, the main catches are yellowfin and blackfin tuna along with some dolphin, king mackerel and wahoo. Boats out of Hatteras are experiencing very good king mackerel fishing and a good wahoo bite along with good catches of dolphin and some blackfin tuna.

Offshore bottom fishing will produce predictable catches of blueline tilefish and you can now keep the sea bass by-catch. Sea bass can be caught on the offshore wrecks all the way into those close to the beach. You may need to do some wreck hopping to find the right wreck. Triggerfish are also holding on the wrecks and this is a good time of year to find some nice flounder around the wrecks. The Triangle Reef area will be holding some nice flatfish. There are still some sheepshead holding on the inshore wrecks and you are likely to encounter both red and black drum while fishing wrecks close to the beach and in the lower bay.

Flounder are still being caught inside the bay with the CBBT being the prime location. Boats that are wire-lining the CBBT are catching a mixture of gray trout, flounder, striped bass, bluefish, and red drum. Medium to large-size red drum continue to be caught at the CBBT and from the surf from the Eastern Shore on down to Hatteras. Big red drum are being caught from all of the seaside fishing piers. That bite shout continue to shift south but for now, there are still big red drum in the bay.

Puppy drum continue to be caught throughout the lower bay and inside the seaside inlets. Anglers targeting striped bass at the HRBT at night are finding some nice puppy drum along with plenty of bluefish. Striped bass are also being caught at all of the areas crossing with the best times being very early and late in the day and along the light lines at night. Striped bass and some puppy drum are also being caught by anglers targeting speckled trout.

Speckled trout action is good most everywhere from the Eastern Shore creeks, the Mobjack Bay area, the York, James, Back, and Elizabeth Rivers, on Poquoson Flats and the action is picking up inside Lynnhaven and Rudee Inlets. There are a lot of small trout around which bodes well for next year if we can avoid another winter kill.

Spot continue to be caught as the water is still warm enough but if you have not gotten your spot fix yet, do so soon as this bite is winding down. Winding up, is the tautog bite. There are good catches being made on the artificial reefs inside the bay and at the CBBT. This bite will continue to improve as the water cools down more.

Oct 21, Charles Southall fished his boat out of Hatteras. They caught 2 dolphin, 3 king mackerel, 4 amberjack, a false albacore, and a 41-pound wahoo.

Oct 20-21, Steve Martin fished his boat out of Hatteras. They caught 3 dolphin and a wahoo.

Oct 20, Charles Southall fished his boat out of Hatteras. They caught 2 blackfin tuna, 2 dolphin, 1 false albacore, 1 king mackerel, and 1 wahoo.

Oct 20, I fished off of my dock in Chisman Creek and caught small speckled trout and bluefish.

Oct 20, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys fished some wrecks out of Quinby. They caught a 7 pound 3 ounce sheepshead, a bunch of nice triggerfish, some flounder and small sea bass.

Oct 20, Dave Young fished the CBBT. They caught several gray trout in the 16 to 18 inch range, a couple 21-22 inch flounder, 7 bluefish and a couple of nice red drum to 42 inches long. They had a larger red on that they lost due to a straightened hook.

Oct 18, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys fished out of Quinby. They caught a couple of trout, a porgy, 28 pigfish and a dozen large spot to 12.5 inches long.

Oct 15, I have been catching fish around my dock light most every night and morning. This morning, the catch was speckled trout, gray trout, and bluefish. No striped bass catches yet.

Oct 10, Lee Williams fished out of Hatteras. They caught a wahoo and some dolphin. They lost a second wahoo. Their bites were in 30 fathoms and came on their planer rod.

Oct 10, we ran back out after wahoo in the Cigar area. We caught 3 blackfin tuna including our largest out of Virginia so far (about 20 pounds), 2 false albacore, and a barracuda that we thought was going to be our wahoo. We did not have any wahoo bites. A couple of other boats fishing south of the Triple 0s managed to catch a few 'hoo up to 57 pounds.

Oct 9, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys did some clamming out of Quinby. They then did a little fishing and caught 20 pigfish, 10 big spot, some sea mullet and a couple black drum.

Oct 5, I ran down to the Cigar with Phillip Neill, Chris Wayman, and Stan Simmerman. We had about 15 wahoo bites and only managed to land 3. They were all nice fish with the smallest weighing in at 45 pounds, the largest at 85 pounds. We trolled a little spoon for a bit to see if there were any baby bluefin around for Dr. John Graves. There were baby blackfin. Phillip caught a big false albacore that managed to escape overboard from Stan's hands before we could measure it so no release citation for Phillip. The rest of us each weighed in a citation-size wahoo. These were the first-ever citation wahoo for both Stan and Chris. At 85 pounds, Stan started out big.

Oct 5, Capt. Rick Wineman fished the Cigar area. They lost 4 wahoo and caught a big false albacore.

Oct 3, Danny Forehand and I went out and trolled for king mackerel for a bit. We did not get a king. We did pull something off that may have been one and there were a few big kings caught by other boats. We were trolling four rods when two went off. During the fight, we managed to get all four lines crossed up and under the boat. We did land and release Danny's big jack crevalle. The fish I was fighting got in the wheel as we were landing Danny's. My diver had just cleared a bunch of line from the wheels. We put some more line back for his next dive.

Sept 28, PSWSFA Spot Tournament was sponsored by Grafton Fishing Supply. First Place in the Youth Division was won by Caleb Sava with a .63 pound spot. Second Place was won by his big sister, Lexi Sava with a .60 pound spot. The overall tournament was won by Chris Nelson. Chris weighed in a .64 pound spot. Caleb Sava's Youth Winner came in Second Place at .63 pounds. Third Place was won by Eddie Pratts with a .60 pound spot. He edged out Lexi's fish with a time-of-weigh-in tie breaker.

Sept 28, I was supposed to be fishing for spot. I trolled plugs along the oceanfront and did not catch a single spot. The fish we pulled off last weekend bugged me all week so I went and gave the king mackerel another try. I had three bites. The first fish pulled…a continuation from our last trip. The next fish was a big red drum that I did catch. The third bite was a screamer and it was what I was after. The king mackerel weighed in at 36 pounds 8 ounces.

Sept 23, Bernie Sparrer fished inside the York River. He caught a cooler of nice spot with fish up to 3/4 pound.

Sept 21, Capt. Rick Wineman trolled for king mackerel off the beach, fished for jacks at the light tower and for red drum at the CBBT. He caught a tautog.

Sept 21, I tried for kings with Wes Blow and Capt. JT Hale. One plug was bitten off. We caught one shark. Had 2 or 3 somethings that did not come tight and about 5 that did until the hook pulled. One was a definite king. Wes had something on for a good long time that we did not see. My guess is king. Not sure of the others. JT had something that was splashing on the surface right away but too far back to id. We dropped on the Tiger. JT got very wet as a wave broke over the transom and JT. Caught sea bass, pigfish, bluefish, triggerfish, blowfish, and grouper. At least one king was caught by a boat near us.

Sept 19, Lee Williams trolled the oceanfront without any bites. They then moved to the CBBT where they caught an 80.5 pound cobia.

Sept 19, I trolled along VA Beach for kings. I caught red drum, false albacore, and spinner sharks. I did watch a nice king get caught by a nearby boat.

Sept 17, Wes Blow started out chumming for cobia. He caught 2 and pulled off a couple more. He then moved to the CBBT to fish for red drum. He caught 5 reds to 48 inches long.

Sept 13, Brent Meadors fished the Cigar area. They caught dolphin and a 40-pound wahoo.

Sept 6, Michael Hudgins fished the mouth of the Piankatank River. They loaded up their coolers with spot in the 1/2 to 3/4 pound range.

Sept 6, on board, we had Doctors John Graves and Hamish Small and PhD student Nadya Mamoozadeh from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Our volunteer mates were Danny Forehand, Capt. JT Hale, and Gabe Sava. We were on one of our yearly searches for baby bluefin tuna. We trolled Spanish mackerel tackle near the Norfolk Canyon. On it, we caught skipjack tuna, bullet tuna, dolphin, blackfin tuna, and 2 YOY bluefin tuna. The "2? is unusual. Typically, we do not find them at all or we catch a bunch. We saw a few white marlin and caught one of those. We also had a small mako try to eat our dredge. It would not let go until we had pulled it half out of the water.

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