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Most have given up on cobia and have moved onto other fish. There are still some cobia to be caught though, and there were some nice catches this past week. Big red drum are receiving a lot of attention now. Schools of red drum are being encountered by sight-fishermen. More red drum are being caught fishing around the islands of the CBBT. Some black drum are also being caught.

Puppy drum, speckled trout and striped bass are being caught in the shallows from the Mobjack Bay to the James River. Flounder are being caught at the CBBT and around some of the coastal wrecks. Anglers targeting flounder at the CBBT and at the HRBT had to deal with an influx of bluefish this week. Bluefish in the 1-4 pound range are plentiful throughout the lower bay. The striped bass season in the bay will open on Oct. 4.

The coastal wrecks are holding sea bass, sheepshead, and triggerfish. Tautog will become more active over nearshore wrecks and structures inside the bay as the waters cool. The tautog season opens on Sept. 20 while the sea bass season closes on Sept. 22.

Spot fishing is good. Coolers are being filled in most of the rivers on the western side of the bay. The Piankatank and York Rivers have been particularly good. Good catches of spot are also being made inside of Lynnhaven and Rudee Inlets.

Some big king mackerel are being caught along the oceanfront on out to the Light Tower. False albacore and there are still some Spanish mackerel being caught in this area. Trolling over and around wrecks and other bottom structure is productive.

Offshore, the billfish bite picked right back up as the boats were able to get back offshore. Dolphin are still being caught but not in the numbers they were a couple of weeks ago. The wahoo bite is heating up.

The Grafton Fishing Supply Spot Tournament will be held Sept. 27-28. You need to be registered prior to fishing and you must bring your spot to Dare Marina by 2 PM on the 28th. Following the weigh-in, there will be an awards ceremony and club picnic.

The Don Forman Cobia Tournament was won by 12-year-old Hayden Head of Seaford. Hayden caught his 55 pound 8 ounce cobia while fishing with his father, Capt. Jorj Head. Wes Blow, of Newport News, took 2nd place with a 35 pound 1 ounce cobia. The tournament was sponsored by Bishop Fishing Supply. Capt. Rick Wineman was the Tournament Director.

There will be more strict striped bass regulations in 2015. Just how strict and how much of the burden will have to be borne by Virginia's anglers versus those of other states is being discussed now. There will be an ASMFC meeting in Virginia to discuss these issues: September 22, 2014, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Virginia Marine Resources Commission, 2600 Washington Avenue, 4th Floor Newport News, Virginia.

Sept 13, Brent Meadors fished the Cigar area. They caught dolphin and a 40-pound wahoo.

Sept 6, Michael Hudgins fished the mouth of the Piankatank River. They loaded up their coolers with spot in the 1/2 to 3/4 pound range.

Sept 6, on board, we had Doctors John Graves and Hamish Small and PhD student Nadya Mamoozadeh from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Our volunteer mates were Danny Forehand, Capt. JT Hale, and Gabe Sava. We were on one of our yearly searches for baby bluefin tuna. We trolled Spanish mackerel tackle near the Norfolk Canyon. On it, we caught skipjack tuna, bullet tuna, dolphin, blackfin tuna, and 2 YOY bluefin tuna. The "2? is unusual. Typically, we do not find them at all or we catch a bunch. We saw a few white marlin and caught one of those. We also had a small mako try to eat our dredge. It would not let go until we had pulled it half out of the water.

Sept 5, Capt. Rick Wineman fished the Norfolk Canyon. They caught 2 wahoo (losing a really big one), 9 dolphin to 27 pounds and a white marlin.

Sept 5, I slipped out of the inlet and trolled the oceanfront for king mackerel for a couple of hours. No kings this trip. I kept seeing Spanish mackerel and little tuna creatures that I expect were small false albacore. To make sure that they were not the young-of-the-year bluefin that we were going offshore in search of, I put out a little spoon and caught a Spanish. The guys looking for cobia were having a good day.

Sept 1, Gabe Sava and I trolled the oceanfront for king mackerel in the morning. We caught one. When I called home to see if they wanted me to bring home lunch, they said no and that they were going fishing. Tricia and Casey caught a variety of bottom fish at Poquoson Reef.

Sept 1, Hunter Southall took one of his new college friends to the flats where they caught puppy drum.

Sept 1, Larry Lusk made a short trip to the Cape Henry area. They saw 6 cobia catching 2 of them.

Aug 31, we ran offshore for billfish. Weed mats were everywhere and so were the dolphin. Without trying for them, we ended up with 36 nice dolphin on the troll. When we first set out, we put out a little spoon the see if the baby bluefin were here for Dr. John Graves. We caught a jack right away, the spoon broke so that was that. We did catch a couple of white marlin and should have had 3 or 4 more. We collected DNA samples from the ones we caught for Dr. Graves' grad student, Nadya Mamoozadeh. For information on her research or to volunteer to help her collect fin clippings of the marlin you catch: . We also had a sailfish hooked up briefly.

Aug 31, Bill Pappas fished east of the Cigar. They caught a bunch of gaffer dolphin and blackfin tuna.

Aug 30, Brent Meadors, on the Breike, trolled inshore for king mackerel. They caught a 27-pound fish ( angler Kendel Blankinship).

Aug 29, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys trolled near the 3rd island of the CBBT. They caught a bunch of bluefish in the 1-3 pound range.

Aug 29, Larry Lusk fished east of the Cigar. They caught 19 nice dolphin while trolling a weed line.

Aug 29, I ran to the flats with Tricia and Casey. They hooked 3 puppy drum, pulling the hooks on 2 with Casey landing one.

Aug 27, Wes Blow and JT Hale fished for sheepshead at the CBBT. Wes caught one that weighed in at 12 pounds 14 ounces. They also caught 6 tautog, 6 cobia, and 3 flounder.

Aug 24, Wes Blow chummed for cobia. Despite great conditions (NE 25 KTS), they only caught 2 cobia.

Aug 24, Capt. Rick Wineman chummed for cobia at York Spit Light during a stiff NE blow. They caught a small cobia and lost two others at boat side.

Aug 24, Charles Southall and I were another of the idiot boats out in the nor'easter chumming for cobia. We caught sharks and bluefish.

Aug 23, Brent Meadors trolled inshore from the SE Lumps to the CB buoy line. They caught a bunch of false albacore and a good catch of dolphin. Brent said that they caught a really nice gaffer about 10 miles off of the beach.

Aug 23, Charles and I trolled the oceanfront in the morning. We lost a few fish that we never saw. We caught a couple citation-sized false albacore, 2 houndfish, a big ribbon fish and a nice dolphin. We were trolling about 3 miles off of the beach.

Aug 22, I went over and did a little work on the boat in the morning. I then decided to sneak out and troll some plugs along the oceanfront. I lost a nice king at the boat. Tricia was heading over so I started trolling back to the inlet and I hooked up again. I got this one. Ran on into the inlet and picked up Tricia and weighed the king. It weighed 25.5 pounds. We went out and trolled some more. We did not have any more king bites. We did catch 3 large cutlassfish creatures.

Aug 21, Steve Martin fished Poquoson Flats. He caught 2 speckled trout, a bluefish, and a flounder but did not catch any of the puppy drum that he was after.

Aug 21, Danny Forehand celebrated his birthday with a trip to the South Tower. Despite a livewell full of croaker, they did not catch a single amberjack. They went and trolled the Cigar where they caught 10 nice dolphin up to 28 pounds.

Aug 21, Mike Hurst chummed for cobia. They caught 3 and missed some others.

Aug 21, I got up early in the morning. I had 3 peelers from last weekend still in the fridge that needed to go away. I got to the flats at first light. Good thing because I was just able to see that gill net in 1.5 foot of water. There was absolutely no wind. I got set up and started baiting the hook. Peeler did not smell too bad. I was swarmed by mosquitoes. Every Poquoson mosquito was there. I was wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sandals…not good. I made a cast and tried to work the popping cork while smacking myself with my hat. The mosquitoes were then joined by a swarm of gnats. No bug spray in the boat, not a good start to my day. I decided I was not doing this and "bugged" out after the one cast. I was back at the dock before sunrise. On the way home from work that evening, I stopped at Grafton Fishing Supply and bought 3 peeler crabs. After dinner, I ran back out to the flats. The drum were biting. I caught 4 between 24 and 28 inches and had the hook straighten on one.

Aug 19, Dr. John Graves is up at the Mid-Atlantic 5K. He got out on a scouting trip. They fished the Baltimore Canyon going 4 for 8 on white marlin. John caught 3 of their marlin and he also caught a 30-pound dolphin.

Aug 19, from Capt. Jorj Head, (757) 262-9004: The cobia fishing has been great this week. We caught over 50 fish the last 5 trips (30 in two days).

Aug 17, we fished the A and B Towers and the Benson. We caught amberjack at both towers, larger fish at the A Tower. On my first and only drop of the day, I caught a 58-inch amberjack. It turned out to be the largest jack we caught. We did not catch any jacks at the Benson. We did keep about 25 nice sea bass. Underwater video of the Two Towers:

Aug 16, Brent Meadors fished the Cigar. The caught a nice wahoo and a bunch of nice dolphin up to 27 pounds.

Aug 16, Larry Lusk fished the Fingers and had a nice catch of dolphin.

Aug 16, Charles Southall and I went out and caught jack baits. We had some triggerfish by-catch. Charles also caught and released a 51-inch cobia. I could not get the two with it to eat.

Aug 16, Bill Pappas ran offshore where they found a weed line and some nice fish. They caught a wahoo and a bunch of dolphin up to 20 pounds.

Aug 15, Steve Martin, Milton Hudgins, Nate Forrest, Clair Hillard and Fred Niethamer fished out of Hatteras. They caught 5 wahoo and 25 dolphin.

Aug 15, Hunter Southall fished out of Oregon Inlet. Trolling around the Point, they caught 5 yellowfin tuna, a blackfin tuna and some dolphin.

Aug 15, Ric Burnley was on the Rebel out of Rudee. Fishing the Norfolk Canyon area, they caught 12 white marlin and a sailfish. They had a blue marlin on for the slam but it proved too much for the light tackle they hooked it up on.

Aug 15, Stan Simmerman and I trolled for kings along the Virginia Beach oceanfront without any luck. We did see some cobia and a school of red drum.

Aug 14, Mike Hurst fished out of his row boat in the Mobjack Bay area. He caught 5 nice speckled trout.

Aug 13, Wes Blow chummed for cobia catching 6 fish.

Aug 10, Wes Blow fished for cobia catching three.

Aug 10, the Southalls fished the flats in the afternoon. They caught a bunch of nice puppy drum.

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